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Get Your Tickets Here! Recap of Synergy Dance Competition

Written By: Jami Meckem-Archer

How do you sum up such a packed, such an intense, such a complete Studio event? The Competition gave us the two words that wrap it all up, SYNERGY SHINE!! First off, this was the regionals for the upcoming Nationals so every performance still being performed at the Studio came together to qualify for Nationals. Four very long days with several debuts, several returns to the stage, and two Performances reworked to allow for a return of a member and to free a member for personal reasons.

So this recap will be long. But each of these Performances deserve so much more than the mere words I will try to share with you here.

Before we sat back and watched the blockbuster that was Synergy Performing Arts Competition, please note…all but two were going directly against their Fellow Dancers at the Studio. The Petite small group and the Teen Duo/Trio were the only two that were alone in their Division and Age. So these Dancers deserve some extra notice. They knew they were in direct competition, some even going against themselves as they were in multiple dances in the same Division and Age. Not one time did these Performers have anything but love, hugs, smiles, words of encouragement, and consolation for those that felt they had “messed up badly” for each other. That many humans in an adult setting, going against each other for rewards….not likely to see the same lifting everyone up that they show. They can teach the Adults how to do it right.

So, now make sure you have your popcorn, snacks, phone on silent as this is definitely the Blockbuster of the year. And the cast is so strong, the length is longer than normal. The movie may have had known stars, but the others step into the spotlight here and will shine just as bright as all the others. And this blockbuster has a huge surprising twist at the end. So maybe a Mystery? Definitely a High Drama.

Our opening credits started with the Petites for the first time setting the stage for the weekend. Usually it is the Teen/Senior. They knew the Petites could handle the opening ceremony and the trust was well founded. Thursday opened with the Solos of the Petites, three of which were debuting their Solo. Imagine being 6-8 years of age and stepping on stage for a large crowd and doing it all alone. These are some strong Dancers. And they showed the Teen/Senior how you set the bar for the Competition. They lifted it as high as they could reach.

Solo Level I Petite 6-8

#10 Shake the Room, Jazz, Ms Piper (debut), choreographed Ms Tara: Adjudication: High Gold

#14 Glitter Shoes, Jazz, Ms Norah (debut), choreographed Ms Brittany: Adjudication: High Gold And this Dancer left it all on the stage, the shoes sparkled all over and got a “sweeping” ovation from one of the staff.

#16 Loyal, Brave, and True, Lyrical, choreographed Ms Tara. This Dancer, what can you say? She had a challenging week, to say the least. But arrived and said they were dancing for someone very special. And I won’t say they got help, but they definitely gave a routine that would have made them very proud. Our Dramatic Moment: Adjudication: Synergy Shine, Nationals Gala Invite, 2nd Place overall, and Judges Award “Total


#18 When She Loved Me, Lyrical, Ms Evelyn (debut), choreographed Ms Tara: Adjudication High Gold.

With the Dancers setting the story for the rest of the movie, hopefully you don’t run out of snacks as the Drama is only starting to increase…if you need a break, night did seem to give a small interlude as the awards were late, and it started all over early.

Friday was more Solos. All solos. Only solos. The Studio represented in both the Junior and Teen categories.

Solo Level I Junior 9-12

#132 Welcome to Wonderland, Open, Ms Avery, choreographed Ms Tara: Adjudication: High Gold and Nationals Gala Invitation. This performance had a music hiccup that was reflected in the adjudication, but the beauty and grace that is this Performance was such they feel they wish to see more from Ms Avery by giving her the Invitation.

#135 Trust In Me, Contemporary, Ms Kelly, choreographed Ms Tara: Adjudication: Synergy Shine

1st Place overall, Highest Score in all Junior Level I Solos, and Nationals Gala Invitation

#146 Go the Distance, Lyrical, Ms Bayleigh, choreographed Ms Tara: Adjudication: Platinum,

12th place overall, and Nationals Gala Invitation.

#168 Sing, Jazz, Ms Landry, choreographed Ms Tara:

Adjudication High Gold

Solo Level II Junior 9-12

#51 Human, Open, Ms Emmerson, choreographed Ms Tara: Adjudication: Synergy Shine, 4th Place overall, and Nationals Gala Invitational. This, along with all her other dances, was a return to stage from spending time on the Injured Reserve List. Not much slowed her down it seems.

#60 If My Friends Could See Me Now, Musical Theater, Ms Olivia, choreographed Ms Tara:

Adjudication: Platinum

#96 Must Be Love, Jazz, Ms Kinzlie, choreographed Ms Tara: Adjudication: Platinum, Nationals Gala Invite.

This level does not always reflect in scores and rankings to explain just how challenging the Junior Level II division is. There were 82 performances. Tied with 82 Level II performances when you add Petite, Teen, and Senior together. That is a huge competition and our Dancers bring it every time.

Solo Level II Teen 13-15

#248 Bad Dream, Contemporary, Ms Charli, choreographed Ms Tara: Adjudication: Synergy Shine, 5th Place overall, Champion of Contemporary Style, Nationals Gala Invite. Some movies need cgi to change their star into a fierce monster to convey angst, pain….not our Studio. Told to make the stage file a Restraining Order after the performance, was informed it did.

#250 Soldier, Open, Ms Kennedy, choreographed Ms Tara: Adjudication: Synergy Shine, 7th

Place overall. Our Dancers showed the first part of the film was all their backstories coming together. The rest of the movie they are uniting into different matchups to seek the pinnacle. I would say first place is normally the ultimate goal, but the Dancers were looking for the Synergy Shine to be yelled with their number. So take the next interlude as we meet back here for all our Small Groups.

Saturday was Small, Large, Line, and Productions. We only have a cast in the small groups, but once again, the Dancers showed their strength and talent.

Small Group Level I Petite 6-8

#324 Fabulous, Jazz, Purple Team, choreographed Ms Brittany: Adjudication: Platinum, 5th Place

overall, Nationals Gala Invite, Judges Award “Glamour Shot”. The Dancers are Mses

Piper, Norah, Vedikah, Evelyn, Bricelynn, and Emma.

Small Group Level I Junior 9-12

#340 I’m A Monster, Hip Hop, Dynamite Team, choreographed Ms Tara: Adjudication: Platinum,

8th Place overall. The Dancers are Mses Avery, Georgia, Kelly, Lennux, and Olivia

#349 Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Lyrical, Turquoise Team, choreographed Ms Tara:

Adjudication: Platinum. The Dancers are Mses Addison, Ella, Haizlee, Karli, Landry,

Lennux, Sawyer, and (in spirit this time) Reagan. A few of the routines have had to make changes, most with only one class to learn the change. But those routines have been for members of the Pink Team. This time Turquoise Team showed they can do as well for one of their teammates. Shows the love, and increasing skill, this team has

gained this season. Pink Team was impressed.

#354 Forget About the Boy, Musical Theater, choreographed Ms Tara: Adjudication: Platinum, 7th Place overall

#355 So Much Better, Musical Theater, Gold Team, choreographed Ms Brittany: Adjudication: Platinum, Judges Award “Broadway Bound”. The Dancers are Mses Libbi, Georgia, Addyson, Kaylee, and Kylie. There are times when sometimes the storyline of a movie just doesn’t seem to always win over the audience, even if well done. This piece has had that issue before; this time, the judges were very much in connection with the story and it was given the love it deserved. There is always the Cult Classics, better when seen more than once.

Small Group Level II Junior 9-12

#382 Salute, Hip Hop, Rhythm Squad, choreographed Ms Tara: Adjudication: Synergy Shine, 4th Place overall, and Champion of Hip Hop Style. This is the one performance that was a 6

man once, a 5 man once, and now back to a 6 man. All changes with the time of one

class to learn the changes. And both times they have taken Hip Hop.

#403 Ride, Jazz, choreographed Ms Tara: Adjudication: Platinum, 10th Place overall. This was

a return to stage routine, and they didn’t miss a beat.

#409 Sweet Nothing, Jazz, Silver Team, choreographed Ms Tara: Adjudication: Platinum The Dancers are Mses Olivia, Kelly, Kinzlie, Alayna, and Bayleigh

After doing some significant damage to the scoreboard with larger groups, after the intermission (get me some black licorice) they break into smaller groups and do some more damage.

Sunday was the Duo/Trio combinations for the Studio. One was a debut and several were return to the stage. And all gave strong performances.

Duo/Trio Level I Petite 6-8

#498 Top of the World, Acro, Mses Vedhika and Emma, choreographed Ms Brittany:

Adjudication: Platinum. This was a debut and the music was “off” in sound. These two performers didn’t miss a beat and just danced for themselves and the judges. I don’t

think they even saw the audience.

#500 Rainbow Connection, Lyrical, Mses Reagan and Bayleigh, choreographed Ms Tara:

Adjudication Synergy Shine, 1st Place overall, Highest Score

Duo/Trio Level I Junior 9-12

#503 Faith, Jazz, Mses Landry and Haizlee, choreographed Ms Tara: Adjudication: Platinum, 3rd Place overall.

Duo/Trio Level II Junior 9-12

#516 Wish You Pain, Open, Mses Emmerson and Kennedy, choreographed Ms Tara:

Adjudication: Synergy Shine, 4th Place overall

#519 Ay! Caramba, Jazz, Mses Kinzlie, Olivia, and Avery, choreographed Ms Tara: Adjudication: Synergy Shine, 2nd Place overall. This performance has only increased in strength,

flash, and sass. It paid off today.

#522 Habanera, Open, Mses Kennedy, Emmerson and Charli, choreographed Ms Tara: Adjudication: Synergy Shine, 6th Place overall. This performance was a small group that was changed to a trio and is also a return to stage. The judges have mentioned in the past they “didn’t get the story”, today the Dancers produced the story so clearly that they got it and enjoyed it.

#531 Popular, Musical Theater, Mses Kinzlie and Emmerson, choreographed Ms Tara:

Adjudication Platinum, 8th Place overall.

While deciding if you needed to refill your soda or not, you may have missed a huge plot point. There were 9 placements for the Level II Duo/Trio division. And we took four of them, or 44% of the placements. That is amazing in any story. Especially since this is not a sequel, they have only had the role of Level II one season.

Duo/Trio Level II Teen 13-15

#538 Carried Me With You, Contemporary, Mses Kennedy and Charli, choreographed Ms Tara:

Adjudication: Synergy Shine.

Well Folks, that is the end of this blockbuster of a Competition. It was Loud, it was Intense, it was Powerful, and it was certainly Dramatic. Everything you could want in a single event. To include a trend with most big movies anymore. If you had cleaned up your mess and headed out, you would have missed this end of credits extra scene….and if it wasn’t for the Teen Duet dancing in the last showcase, so would we. Because there was a surprising twist in the credits.

At every Competition they present three HUGE awards. The Highest Total Score for each Division Level, every single tenth of a point is valued. There is all of Division I, Division II, and Division III. There may have been only a few that stayed till the end to see it in person, but the screams were heard across the State when Division Level II was announced for Studio 6:14!! They were met with the screams of those watching online. Again, small competition team, but Mighty. So the 5 Platinum and 8 Synergy Shines in the 13 Performances of Level II helped get the Studio that recognition and award. Being that the team is on a smaller size than many others with 50-100 dancers, this shows the level of skill, determination, drive, and love these Dancers are bringing to the table. While I billed this as a Dramatic Piece, some could argue it’s an Underdog Piece. But I have always known these Dancers have had it in them to progress and grow into the amazing cast we journeyed with this Competition.

Sometimes Blockbusters are so good, they don’t need a sequel…but the Studio has Nationals!! So we will keep the popcorn fresh, snacks stocked, and soda cold. Besides, it would be rude to turn down all the invites given to Synergy Shine again, wouldn’t it?

And, none of the Blockbuster could have happened if not for the Studio and Staff putting in their heart and soul along with the time, the Moms who were there for every step of the process of making sure all was in order and beautifying Performers before they hit the stage, the Dads who always have to deal with Hallway Duty and the Please Go Get Duty, but also the siblings that show up time and again to watch their Dancer perform on stage and cheer and love with them all. Supporting Cast was a big factor in making this the best Blockbuster of the Season.

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