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Platinum Dance Competition 2023 - What A Ride!

Written By: Jami Archer

What a weekend! For those that joined the Performers either at the competition or on the live feed, you already know what an adventure that Platinum Dance Competition 2023 truly proved to be. For those of you that missed out on the whole thing, the good news is this ride does not have a height requirement. So take a seat, buckle up, and enjoy the amazing work these Performers brought to the stage.

Studio 6:14 had 19 performances over three days and five showcases. These Dancers set the bar high during the very first performance and kept the momentum going through to the last dance. Thanks to the never ending support of the Dance Studio in Ms Brittany (owner) and Mses Tara, Tyra, Jordyn, Alex (teachers) who gave them the skills and routines to compete on the same level as studios that are much larger and show these Dancers that all challenges can be overcome. Studio support was joined by Mr. Ricky, the Dance Moms, Dance Dads and all the siblings that joined to help with costumes, props, errands, and the most important part, to hear the confidence boosting cheers in the audience as they take their first step onto the stage before the music starts.

Studio 6:14 boasts five Competition teams and two hip-hop teams. Many of those teams also returned to the stage with solos, duets, or trios.

First up is our Purple Team of Mses Bricelynn, Emma, Evelyn, Norah, Piper, and Vedhika.

Name of piece is #184 Fabulous, choreographed by Ms Brittany.

Adjudication: High Gold Champion of Division 1 Jazz Small Group Placement: 3rd

Next up is our Gold Team of Mses Addyson, Georgia, Kaylee, Kylie, and Libbi

Name of piece is #215 So Much Better, choreographed by Ms Brittany

Adjudication: High Gold

This was the cleanest performance this team has ever danced!