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Talent, Talent, Talent! Recap of Starbound Dance Competition

Jami Archer

When trying to decide how Starbound Talent Competition weekend went, it was very challenging. It wasn’t like the last one, which was very much a rollercoaster ride. But the feeling wasn’t the same this time. Then March Madness results came in, and that was the feel this weekend. Each year the talent gathers to determine who is going to be crowned the best. And by the end of the month it is the Strongest Talent in the Final Fours. That was this competition. Each studio brought their strongest, most skilled Performers and what the audience and judges got to see was some fierce competition. Coaches tell you to leave it all on the wood, and that is exactly what our Dancers did. To say we have gone up against many strong performances, some really tough studios, is a valid and accurate statement. To say they were even more fierce this weekend is a more accurate statement.

This was an optional competition, so the performances were less than we usually bring. One team, one duet, and five solos (including a debut solo) performances to hit the stage. The biggest perk of the venue being a high school is the stage was a very nice permanent structure so the stage was great as was the audience seating.

The levels were Intermediate, Competitive, Elite divided by age group and then styles. Every Performer that attended this weekend truly brought their A game and fought to be the champions. Just when you thought you had seen the best for that style/age/level, the next performance would be better. And our Dancers were part of that same increase. This event saw all of our Performers (but the solo debut) run their cleanest routine of the whole season. And our debut Solo jumped in as strong as their fellow Dancers. Three of our performances were in the Intermediate category, and the other four were in the next highest category of Competitive. And understanding of adjudication scores they had : High Silver, Gold, High Gold, and Elite Gold; if there were three or more dancers in the specific age/style category there was also a champion declared.

First up we had Ms Kennedy and her #241 Teen Solo Competitive-age 13-14, Soldier, choreographed by Ms Tara….her Adjudication was High Gold and 9th place.

Second for day one was the Duet of Mses Kennedy and Charli with #247 Contemporary Duet/Trio Competitive-age 15-16, Carry Me With You, choreographed by Ms Tara….Adjudication High Gold. The Duet went up against only one other team for the same Competitive/Age so neither team was given a chance to place. Both teams did get High Gold adjudication.

Day two gave us two performances in the morning, two in the afternoon. Again, the Teams were amazing, talent after talent, and our Dancers did their best performances to date. Mses Kelly and Kinzlie had their solos.

First up was Ms Kelly, #248 Solo Acro Intermediate-ages 9-10, Trust in Me, choreographed by Ms Tara….Adjudication High Gold, 1st Place with a score of 287.8 out of the 300, and she also earned the Judges Award Creative Concept. As fierce as the competition was, this is a hard fought and well deserved 1st Place. Especially when remembering Ms Kelly recovered just in January from a very serious injury.

Second up was Ms Kinzlie, #243 Solo Jazz Competitive-ages 9-10 Must Be Love, choreographed by Ms Tara…..Adjudication High Gold. This lack of placement does not represent the truth to the performance. The vast majority of Competitive level could have given Elite a strong run for their money. This was the most powerful this category has been to date and Ms Kinzlie just moved up to the division this season and still did a very clean and powerful dance, representing her style, performance and Studio very well.

The afternoon was of Ms Karli with her debut solo and the Gold Team.

First up was Ms Karli #249 Solo Open Intermediate-age 13-14 Land of Confusion, choreographed by Ms Tara (Karli won the solo with her choreography challenge given to the Performers in January so some steps were hers too)....Adjudication High Gold and 3rd Place.

Second up was Gold Team with Mses Georgia, Kaylee, Kylie, Addyson, and Libbi. #250 Small Group Musical Intermediate-ages 9-10, So Much Better, choreographed Ms Brittany…..Adjudication High Gold There were only three performances in Intermediate/age, so a 1st place was given, but as all teams earned High Gold, we know that it wasn’t too far off of the 1st Place. Gold Team was fully in time with their kicks, hops, hands, and cleanest they have ever run this routine. And like any strong Final Four Team, they took the stage with a level of maturity that is not always seen in adults; all the Dancers hugged on eachother, supported each other, and shook it off to move forward, sharing love for the last Dancer going alone Sunday. Everyone can be very proud of all the Dancers this weekend and how well they took the challenges presented to them.

Last day had just one performance, Ms Charli and her solo. Due to a Ms Tara falling under the weather and finally needing to seek bedrest, Charli was going to have just her parents be at the performance. Not really part of the Competition but to show you just how amazing the Family of Studio 6:14 is, she was not alone in the end. Ms Tyra brought two to help fill the stands with cheers and help backstage and many of the Dancers, several who had been wiped out over their performances on Saturday sent in videos to give her a boost beforehand. Those with the messages from Ms Tara and Ms Brittany pumped her up. #242 Solo Contemporary Competitive-ages 15-16, Bad Dream, choreographed by Ms Tara….Adjudication High Gold. This was her cleanest, strongest, and most controlled performance to date and the adjudication showed she was not far off of third place.

As with any major competition, Talent, Talent, Talent. Here was strength, talent, skill, teamwork that pushed all our Performers to the next level and for them to dig in deep to be able to hold their own. And they did, from that perspective it was an amazing journey for all of our Performers to experience and see. But, unlike the Final Four completion and meaning we will have to wait another year, the Dancers are already hitting the floor again to prepare for the next event.

From Competition to Invitational…it was a full weekend. Studio 6:14 was, again, invited to share some of our winning performances with guests by the Tarleton Cheer and Texas Stars, which is the team of our very own Ms Alex as they head to Nationals themselves. The love the Dancers have for Ms Alex was very evident in the swarming of her when she was able to break free from her team to say hello. And even with the very small amount of Dancers vs the audience, I think they out cheered everyone 3 to 1 when the Texas Stars started the event with their Nationals routine. The Studio and Dancers are sending all of their love and support with her. And she may have to check when she leaves to make sure none try to sneak into her bags. They would all go if they could.

The performances that were given by the Studio were the group routines of the Purple, Turquoise and Rhythm Squads, and a duet. Purple Team (Mses Bricelynn, Emma, Evelyn, Norah, Piper, and Vedhika) Fabulous; Turquoise (Mses Addison, Ella, Haizlee, Karli, Landry, Lennux, Reagan, and Sawyer) Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Rhythm Squad (Mses Charli, Kennedy, Kinzlie, Bayleigh, Laundry, and (cheering on) Emmerson) Salute, Duet (Mses Kennedy and Charli) Carried Me With You

After the weekend Competition, the love from the audience, Tarleton Cheer, and Texas Stars was just what the Doctor ordered. Next up will be the Synergy Performance Arts Competition. These Dancers just keep growing in strength and skill, this will be another chance for them to Shine Brighter as they all strive to make Nationals.

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