What is AcroDance? 

AcroDance is the beautiful fusion of the artistic motion of dance and the athleticism of acrobatics.AcroDance is not the same as gymnastics.  
An AcroDancer must complete all of the skills on a hard stage without the advantage of a sprung floor, while seamlessly integrating musicality, emotional expression, extension, control and line. Skills taught in accordance might look the same as gymnastics, bu tthey are traught differently to compensate for the conditions. Neither the acrodance or gymnastic way is wrong, they are just different. 

Classes Offered: 

AcroDance Preschool: All of our tot and kinder combo classes include AcroDance. In addition, you can also register your child for an AcroDance only class. These classes are introducing students to the basic elements of AcroDance and getting them comfortable with being inverted or upside down at an early age. 

Primary Leve