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Parent Reviews

My daughter dances at studio 6:14. We love it. The facility is clean and very well set up with capability to monitor your dancer not only from inside the studios waiting area but you can watch remotely. The staff is always ready to greet you and very helpful. There’s a good selection of merchandise to pick from and if you need something not in stock it’s simple to just ask them and they can order the needed supplies. The teachers have always been amazing and work with each dancer in a small class setting. So glad we are part of studio 6:14!!

- Keisha S. 

My youngest Granddaughter started with studio 6:14 dance the first year Brittany opened. After just one free class we knew,this was the place she would take dance. Brittany was so informative about everything. My little one just loved her and continued to ask me when she was going back. We have been with Brittany and Studio 6:14 ever since. My oldest Granddaughter started with Studio 6:14 6 months later. We truly love going to dance at Studio 6:14

- Angela D. 

Brittany the owner is great. The transition to getting my twin girls enrolled was so easy and smooth. We also purchased everything we needed as far as clothing and shoes from the studio. Their teacher was great also. I really like how they have monitors on the wall so you can watch them practice. If your looking for a professional studio come here.

- Alyssa H. 

Absolutely the best dance studio! I have three children, ages 3, 6 and 13 and they LOVE dancing with this studio and have been doing it for years now (the 13 year old, not the 3 & 6 year old). Prices are reasonable, staff is kind and welcoming, great options for classes and times. If your kid enjoys dancing, give them a try!

Kristi S. 

My daughter switched dance studios this fall and she enjoys this school so much more. Her coach challenges her and helps her develop new skills, so We look forward to class every week!
The staff is knowledgeable, passionate and talented!

-Arely B. 

My daughter has been dancing for over ten years. After moving and having a studio that never gave her a chance, as she wasn't one of the "originals", she was ready to give it all up. Recommendations of Studio 6:14 came just in time.

The studio has done everything they can to nurture her growth into all other dance fields as she had only done ballet before the move. She is able to attempt any dance with the knowledge they will be honest and supportive of such attempts.

The dancers strive to be always improving their skills, their support of fellow dancers, and keeping competition in a healthy path. And they are always trying to improve being better mentors for the dancers just starting out. It is a studio where the aim of growth in every area is the key to the joy of so many of the students.

All skills and styles are covered here so it's just as beneficial for the seasoned dancer as it is for the dancer starting to dip a toe onto the stage.

- Jami A. 

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