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What age do your classes start?

Our baby classes begin at walking age or 18months!

What shoes are required for dance classes? 

We do require students to have proper dance shoes for class and you may place orders for dancewear through your parent portal. We welcome parents to order on their own but have found we can provide better pricing and overall quality for you. 

What clothing is required for dance classes? 

Each class has it's own recommended dress code and offers a package that you can purchase. We do not require certain colors or patterns. We encourage students to express themselves in whichever color or design they prefer. We do require modest dancewear at all times with no midriffs showing. 

How are payments made? 

Statements for the following month are emailed on the 25th of each month. You may pay anytime between then and the 1st. If you have not paid by the 1st, your card on file will be auto-drafted.

Are there any performances? 
Students have an opportunity to perform in our December show. We will also hold a spring performance in May. In addition to those, our studio will offer opportunities throughout the year for community performances. These are always optional. 

Are there any fees other than tuition? 
Yes, our Recital package fee
is separate and due by September 1st (Christmas show) and February 1st (Spring recital). We also charge a $45 fee upon registration to be paid annually. 

Should you have additional questions not answered here, our friendly staff will be happy to help you! Just call us at (254) 431-5204 or send an email to

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