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About Us:

Studio 6:14 strives to create a positive learning environment for all types of dancers and performers. We offer a wide variety of dance and performance styles to fit boys and girls of all ages. 

We offer opportunities to students who want to dance recreationally and those who see dance as a future career. There are multiple opportunities to perform throughout the year including our recitals and community performances. 

Our teachers are passionate about dance education and take the time to make sure they are up to date on all current dance trends and styles. They attend multiple virtual and in-person conventions each year. There is an established curriculum for each dance level. No matter how old your child is, they are always getting the best dance education! 


18 months - 2 years

DiscoverDance Classes 

Studio 6:14 follows a curriculum called DiscoverDance for this age group. Students are introduced to basic dance concepts all while having FUN. Each month features a new concept and your student will receive a color sheet so you can help re-enforce the concept
at home. 

Dancewear: Any color leotard, shorts, leggings, or ballet skirt. Leotard with attached ballet skirts are great too. Tights are optional. Ballet shoes are required. 


3-6 Years

Preschool Acrodance 

These classes follow our Acrobatic Arts Curriculum which we are certified in. This class introduces basic concepts of stretching, stenghtening, limbering, and tumbling. 

Dancewear: Any color leotard, shorts, or leggings. No Ballet Skirts please. Tights must be convertible or footless. No shoes for this class. 


2-3 Years

Twinkle Babies 

A 30 minute introductory dance class containing ballet, tap and creative movement. Young dancers will learn the basic steps while learning how to follow direction and imitate movement in a positive environment. Engaging music is used to get these little guys inspired to dance. The use of props such as Twinkle bears and hula hoops, enables the young dancers to use their imagination, creativity and, most of all, have fun!


3-9 Years


This class includes basic elements of Ballet and  AcroDance. It is divided into two age groups. The first half of the class is spent on Ballet an the remainder of the class is spent on AcroDance (tumbling). 

Dancewear: Any color leotard, shorts, or leggings. No Ballet Skirts please. Tights must be convertible or footless. Ballet shoes are required. No shoes for Acrodance so please be sure tights are convertible or footless. 

Akard 2.jpg

3-4, 4-5, 5-6 YEARS

Twinkle Stars 

An age specific 45 minute class containing ballet, tap and jazz/creative movement. The purpose of the class is to introduce young dancers to the three styles of dance and inspire movement and creativity within a positive environment. Dancers will also learn basic steps and terminology in all three styles. For example, all dancers will learn what a “plie” is and how to demonstrate one. The use of fun, age appropriate music engages the young dancers’ minds and bodies. The use of props such as hula hoops for the “freeze dance” makes the end of class the most fun!


Ages 6+


Studio 6:14 Dance is a certified Acrobatic Arts studio. Our teachers are trained and certified in this curriculum. Acrodance has a goal of creating a well rounded performer who is flexible and can perform incredible tricks in their dances.


Dancewear: This class does have a required dresscode. Any color leotard, shorts/leggings/capris, tights (optional but must be footless/convertible) and no shoes. 


Ages 6+


Ballet Technique classes are the foundation for training and focus on developing a solid ballet technique with emphasis on understanding correct body placement, proper use of turn out, coordination of the upper body (epaulement), and use of arms (port de bras).


Dancewear: Any color leotard, shorts/leggings/capris/ballet skirt. If wearing a ballet skirt or shorts, you must wear tights. Ballet shoes are required. 



Ages 6+


Designed for students to develop rhythm, style, and sound. Students will learn a variety of tap styles from broadway to rhythm tap. 

Dancewear: Any color leotard, shorts/capris/leggings, and black tap shoes. Tights are required if wearing shorts or just a leotard. 


Ages 6+


Jazz is an American made dance form that focuses on the energetic rhythm, musicality, and strength of the feet. Students will learn a variety of styles in each area while focusing on technique and performance. 

Dancewear: Any color leotard, shorts/capris/leggings, and tan jazz shoes. Tights are required if wearing shorts or only a leotard. 

AbbyWise 2.jpg

Ages 6+

Musical Theatre 

This class is structured to provide students vocal and dance skills. They will learn how to perform well vocally and through broadway jazz movements. Eventually our musical theatre program will put on a production each year. With uncertainties around COVID - 19, we forsee this beginning in 2023. 

Dancewear: There is no required dancewear for this class. We do ask students to wear athletic clothing and NO jeans/shorts/skirts/dresses. Tan jazz shoes are required. 


Ages 6+ 

Hip Hop 

Hip hop is a high-energy class that infuses the latest styles of street dancing, breaking, popping, and locking. Classes will encourage students to step outside of the box by bringing their own individual style and personality to the movements.


NO required dance wear for this class. Tennis shoes are preferred. Students must wear shoes they do not wear outside the dance studio.


Ages 5+ 


Students will learn basics in cheer including: yelling, motions, basic stunts, basic tumbling, and performance technique. 

Dancewear: Students are required to wear athletic clothing and tennis shoes for this class. 


Competitive Teams 

Open Auditions -
Summer 2023 

Dancers will attend a training camp in Summer 2023 (date to be announced soon). A meeting will be held for parents to learn more about our teams at at that time. 

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