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*Tuition is now based on the number of classes NOT the length of classes*


1 Class/week: $55/month 

2 Classes/week: $75/month 

3 Classes/week: $95/month 

4 Classes/week: $125/month 

5 or more - add $10 per class 


Registration Fee: $35 per student or $70 per family

*Registration fee must be paid annually for returning students (August 1st)*



Pay the full semester upfront for a 10% discount 

*****FALL 2024 PRICING:**** 

1 class/week: $62.50/month 

2 Classes/week: $82.50/month 

3 Classes/week: $102.50/month 

Unlimited Classes: $125/month 

Registration Fee: $45 per student or $90 per family 

*Registration fee covers Fall & Spring semesters and must be paid annually*

Private Lessons 
$75 -1-hour session
$65 - 45 minutes

$60 - 30 minutes

Ages 6+ only 


Call/Email us to inquire about private lessons

Payment Options:


Auto Draft:

processed on the 1st of each month until written notice is received to cancel auto draft.



Must be paid by the 25th of the previous month. 


*Pre-payments for the full semester/year receive a 10% discount* 



What Is Included In Our Services: 


*Top-of-the-line professional dance flooring 
*Closed-circuit television viewing in the lobby 

*Virtual viewing services by Watch Me Grow (secure for parents) 
*Standardized curriculum for all levels

*Teachers who are up to date on current dance trends and styles 

*Online dance boutique and the ability to order anything your child needs for class 

and so much more!



Our Policies: 

Hold Harmless Agreement:
Knowing the risk of this activity, I hereby release, waive, indemnify, forever discharge, and agree to hold harmless Studio 6:14, RGV On-Site Dance, its officers, agents and employees from any liability whatsoever arising out of my child's participation in Studio 6:14's activities, including but not limited to all medical bills, court costs and attorney's fees, any damage to my property or the property of others, or to others through my child's participation in the program.

Zero Tolerance Bullying & Gossip Policy 

We strive to create a healthy and positive learning environment for our students, staff, and families. We do ask that you treat each person (staff, parent, student) with dignity and respect. If at any time you have a question, comment, or concern, we respectfully request that you schedule a meeting with one of our lead staff to discuss it.  

I understand that tuition will not be pro-rated on months that we have less than 4 classes. I also understand that I will not be charged more in months where there are 5 classes. Classes missed due to teacher absence will be made up. Studio 6:14 follows Stephenville ISD on bad weather days. Classes missed due to school cancellations for weather will not be made up. The studio does reserve the right to close on holidays at its discretion and classes will not be made up.


I understand that if any time I wish to remove my child from the program, I must submit written notice 15 days before the next payment withdrawal to ensure auto-draft has been canceled. I understand my child telling their teacher or the owner is not sufficient notice and I must submit that notice to the owner in written form. Until sufficient notice is received, billing will continue and tuition must be paid. THIS MEANS: YOU WILL CONTINUE BEING BILLED FOR CLASSES UNTIL WRITTEN NOTICE IS SUBMITTED TO STUDIO614DANCE@GMAIL.COM. Please do not text or call with withdrawal notices. We must have it in writing to go on your file.

Photo/Video Release

I understand that photos or videos of various classes and performances may be used for marketing purposes, on social media, in videos, on the website, and that my dancer could therefore possibly appear in those. I also understand my child nor I will be compensated for those.

Text Opt-In 

I understand by registering my child in Studio 6:14 programs, I am automatically being opted in for texting. If I choose to opt-out of this text feature, I understand I may miss out on important information regarding my child's class(es).



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