Get Ready For Class! 

All items are available by order at our studio and our staff will be happy to size your child and place an order at the front desk. Any color is fine for all dancewear items. 


Discover Dance Classes 
Dancewear Package: $35.00
Girls: Leotard (any color), dance shorts/leggings (optional), footless tights (tan/pink) Students do not have to wear tights if they are wearing leggings. No shoes 
Boys: athletic clothing 


Baby Tumbling Classes 
Dancewear package: $35.00
Boys & Girls: Comfortable athletic clothing. Please, no skirts, dresses, or jeans. Shoes must be removed for class. If a student prefers to wear dance clothing, leotard and dance shorts are acceptable. If the student is wearing tights, they must be footless. 


Tot Combo Classes 
Dancewear & Shoes Package: $65.00
Girls: Dance dress (attached leotard and ballet skirt) with footless tights or leotard and dance shorts. We ask that students do not wear pull on ballet skirts as these can become distracting and are removed by students at times during class.
Boys: v-neck or form-fitting athletic shirt and jazz pants or leggings 
Shoes needed for this class are: pink leather ballet shoes and black tap shoes. 

Kinder Combo 
Dancewear & Shoes Package: $65.00

Girls: Dance dress (attached leotard and ballet skirt) with footless tights or leotard and dance shorts. 

Boys: v-neck or form-fitting athletic shirt and jazz pants or leggings. 

AcroDance & Turn & Tumble Classes
Dancewear package: $35.00

We do have a specific dress code for AcroDance classes for safety reasons. 

Girls: leotard, dance shorts, form-fitting leggings, footless tights (if wearing shorts)
Boys: leotard or form-fitting athletic shirt, form-fitting shorts/pants

Hip Hop Classes
Dancewear & shoes package: $55.00
Athletic clothing or general dancewear 

Cheer & Tumble Classes
T-shirt/tank top that can be tucked in, athletic shorts, or athletic leggings, tennis shoes

Ballet Classes

Dancewear & shoe package: $55.00
Girls: Leotard, pink tights, ballet skirt. Dance dresses are fine for Level 1 Ballet dancers

Boys: form-fitting athletic t-shirt and jazz pants/dance shorts 

Shoes: Pink leather ballet shoes 


Ballet/Jazz, Ballet/Lyrical, Tap, Beginner Jazz/Tap, Annie Jr Cast, 
General Dancewear Package: $55.00 
Girls: leotard, dance shorts, leggings, or ballet skirt
Boys: Form-fitting athletic t-shirt and leggings/shorts 


Individual Items: *tax is additional to the price listed*


Dance Dress: $25 for short sleeve and $30 for long sleeve

Jazz pants (boys): $23.00
Jazz pants (girls): $25.00

Leotards: $15 for tank leos and $25 for metallic    Long sleeve: $20

Ballet skirts: $20

Dance Shorts: $15.00

Biketard: $30.00


Ballet Shoes: $18.00

Tap shoes: $30.00

Jazz shoes: $25.00

Lyrical shoes: prices vary 

Tights: $8  for footless or stirrup 


We are happy to help with sizing, ordering, or any questions you may have. Please reply to this email if you would like more information on ordering. 

Planning Ahead

 Classes begin with our annual FREE Trial class week 

Student registration continues until September 1st. 

 Registration ends


Spring Recital costume fees due
$50 per class

 Winter Showcase (Date TBA) 
Holly Jolly Performance downtown (select classes)

Spring Recital fees are due
$35 per child  

Spring recital photos (in-studio) - group and individual 

Early registration for the following year begins 



Recital (date TBA) 



Summer classes & camps begin 


General Policies & Procedures

Studio Office Hours

Monday - Friday 10am -4pm
These are perfect hours to text/call/email Ms. Brittany with questions, comments, or concerns. Evenings after 4pm, we ask that you only email as we may be in classes or with family. I am not always in the office during the day as I run errands and have other responsibilities, but I am always available by phone! We ask that you please do not text/email/facebook message our teachers.


Teachers are typically running from 1 class to another or back to the front desk. For this reason, we ask that you email/text/call with questions during office hours. We strive to keep our classes running on a timely schedule so that no one falls behind or gets a short class.




Everyone has a credit card on file that we will use to auto-draft your tuition payment IF it is not paid by the 3rd of each month. There is a $5 auto draft fee automatically included in your tuition. If you pay before the 3rd with cash/check/money order/venmo, you receive a $5 discount on your tuition waiving the $5 auto draft fee.

You can pay your tuition online at You should have received your log in information upon registration. Your log in will be your email address and you will need to re-set your password.


There is also a payment drop box available to you near the front desk in the lobby.


Dancewear & Shoes


Our studio offers dancewear and dance shoes that can be ordered directly through us. Sometimes, we do have things in stock, but typically orders take between 1 and 2 weeks for delivery. While we do not enforce a dress code for all classes, dance wear is strongly recommended and most of our students do choose to wear it. We have very convenient packages which include all clothing and shoes needed for class starting at just $45.00 + tax. An email will be sent out for each class detailing what dancewear is needed. All AcroDance classes have a very strict required dress code for safety.


Keep Up To Date on News & Info


By following these steps, you can ensure you never miss important information!


*Check your email and find an email from us (it might be in your spam box). Let your email server know this is NOT spam - usually, there is a button for that. Now you will receive all emails from us!


*Follow us on Facebook - go to Studio 6:14 Dance and click "like" then "follow"


*Join our PRIVATE Facebook Group: Studio 6:14 Dancers & Families. we will post videos and pictures from class here. This is where your child will find their class' recital dances to practice at home.


*From time to time, urgent information may be sent via text and will typically look like this "Studio 6:14 MSG:______" These are typically messages which are being sent to only your child's class or to the entire studio. Messages sent directly to you will not contain "Studio 6:14 MSG."




We are very proud to provide a beautiful lobby with a live feed so you can watch your child's classes. We just have a few things that we ask to keep this experience pleasant for everyone!


*Please pick up all trash/personal items as you are leaving and place chairs/furniture back where and how you found them.

*Please keep conversations to a minimal volume as our walls are thin and students can hear during class and become distracted.

*Please do not open the doors to the studio during classes. If the teacher needs you, she will send an assistant out to get you. We ask that you allow our teachers to handle issues in class.

*A Staff person is available at the front desk to help you with clothing/shoe sizing, ordering, and making payments. Major billing questions and questions about performances need to be directed to Ms. Brittany.

*The back room is for props/costumes/storage. Unless your student is using the restroom, we ask they do not hang out in that area.
*If the restroom needs attention, please let our front desk staff know.


I am personally dedicated to making sure that you and your family are having the most wonderful experience at our studio. If ever your experience is not meeting your expectations, please come and talk to me. There are lots of ways to fix lots of things, but I cannot fix things if I do not know there is an issue. :) Thank you for your continued support of Studio 6:14!

Ms. Brittany