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Take A Free Trial Class! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Trial Classes: 

*Are there any fees associated? 
No! You do not have to pay a penny to try a free class!

*Will my dancer be able to dance
 or will they have to watch
They can participate! We just require that you sign a waiver. 

*If my child likes the class, can they register?
Yes! Depending on the time of year, we may be past the recital deadline and they wouldn't be able to participate in the recital. 

What should my dancer wear for a trial class? 
Once registered, dancers are required to have dancewear for classes. For trial classes, dancers may wear athletic clothing they can easily move in and clean tenis shoes (to protect our dance floor). Please no denim or skirts/dresses. 

Have additional questions? 
Reach out to our friendly staff! They are always happy to help! 


Claim Your Free Trial Class! 
Please select the best day for your family
Please select the best time for your family

A staff member will reach out to you for confirmation! See you soon!

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